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Noonday Dark by Charles Demers


Dr. Annick Boudreau is shaken when the Vancouver Police inform her that her patient, Danielle, has disappeared.

A suicide note is proof enough for police to declare her missing, presumed dead. But to Annick, this can’t be an open and shut case. Having worked with Danielle through her depression, Annick is convinced that she was getting better.

Determined to find out what happened to her patient, Annick finds herself at the centre of a dark, tangled web, but can she confront the threat that’s stalking her city, before the case is sealed for good?

"A fast and exciting read from start to finish" Iona Whishaw, author of the Lane Winslow Mystery series

"Demers writes sharp, witty dialogue and delivers a nuanced portrayal of the stigmatization of mental illness in collision with crime." Nathan Ripley, author of Find You in the Dark 

"Exciting and gripping." Leye Adenle, author of Easy Motion Tourist

"This clever and empathic series merits a long run." Publishers Weekly

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ISBN (Paperback): 9781915054333
ISBN (Ebook): 9781915054340
Price: £8.99 (Paperback) £4.99 (Ebook)
Extent: 288 pages
Format: 198x129mm
Rights Held: World English excluding US and CAN Translation rights: No 

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Charles Demers is a comedian, author, actor, playwright, & screen-writer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. His bestselling comic crime novel, Property Values, has been optioned for development as a feature film by Pioneer Pictures of Los Angeles. 

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