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We are living in unprecedented times at the moment, and now more than ever a simple act of kindness could really turn around someone's day. As an independent company, the unpredictable few months ahead are worrying. With these two things in mind, we would love you to order one book through us today to send to a friend as a random act of kindness.


This order would financially help support our creative business, and hopefully provide your friend or family member with a few hours of calm and escapism. Fiction provides the greatest comfort and distraction.

Orders are just £6 each, including free postage and packaging in the UK.
UK orders only. We will aim to send out books from our office within 2 working days, posted 2nd class.

Each package will contain a letter with the details of our campaign and the name of the person who sent the book.


**Please ensure you include the shipping name and address of your friend when making your payment.** 


Any queries please contact 

Daytime Rooftop Concert

Leave it to us to choose

An uplifting novel

Creepy Bridge

A crime  thriller

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Field of Flowers

A Classic

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Open Books

A literary novel

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A historical novel

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Colorful Book Spines

Book club fiction

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