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by Jessica Mills


‘Societies are oiled with the unpaid, unaccounted for, work of women. It is the very glue 
that binds us together, and yet we are blind to it; a woman’s work remains invisible.’

Rosalind Franklin knows that to be a woman in a man’s world is to be invisible. In the 1940s science is a gentleman’s profession, and it appears there are plenty of colleagues who want to keep it that way.

After being segregated at Cambridge, then ignored and put down in the workplace, she has no intention of being seen as a second-class citizen and throws everything into proving her worth. But despite her success in unlocking the very secret of life, the ultimate glory is claimed by the men she left in her wake.

Inspired by the true story of a woman so many tried to silence, Rosalind is a tale of hope and perseverance, love and betrayal.

​‘A luminous, pin-sharp portrait of a true trailblazer’ Zoe Howe


‘One of the best novels I have read this year’ Iris Costello


‘A poignant, compelling novel that takes us into the heart and mind of Rosalind Franklin as she struggles for recognition in a man’s world’ Louisa Treger

‘Loved this immersive journey into the life of a woman who changed the world’s understanding of what makes us who we are’ Emily Chung

‘An engaging novel that intertwines the personal and the universal like braided strands of DNA’ Luna McNamara

‘Rosalind paints a shocking and necessary portrait of institutional misogyny in mid-century science’ Nikki Marmery

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ISBN (Paperback): 9781915643391
ISBN (Ebook): 9781915643407
Price: £9.99 (Paperback) £4.99 (Ebook)

Pub date: 1st February 2024

Extent: 302 pages
Format: 135x216mm
Rights Held: World

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Jessica Mills is a journalist (Jessica Davies) and author. She has written for publications such as The Independent, The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider, where she investigated the use of flammable cladding in hospital intensive care units in 2020. Jessica was an editor at Dow Jones, leading the team that uncovered the misuse of funds at Abraaj and a member of the Women at Dow Jones steering committee. Rosalind was longlisted for the Exeter Novel Prize in 2020.

Twitter: @byjessiemills

Instagram: @jessiemillsauthor

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