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by Daniel J Mooney


In 2043, the climate has finally changed.

The planet is ravaged by violent storms and failing crops and much of the world is now uninhabitable. Amidst a world of hungry and desperate people, the Department of Environmental Justice have been tasked with finding and executing those who have denied climate change.

On the eve of the 14th storm, Broderick and Malley are asked to hunt the leader of a stirring rebellion, but something feels wrong. Broderick is shut off and interested only in exacting revenge. Malley is sceptical, and thinks their latest target is more politically-motivated than their employer is letting on. Their journey is upended by Fionnuala, a young and idealistic runaway who is hopeful for the future and desperate to save the target. Together, the three of them must learn to adapt to the climate and the polarised groups if they are to survive.

‘This novel is awesome - you owe it to yourself to read it.’ Jack Fennell


‘Intriguing, and propulsive’ Donal Ryan

‘Brutally vivid and disturbingly plausible… really got under my skin’ Juliet Conlin


‘Mooney creates a fully realised world through perfect, devastating little details’ Gráinne Murphy

14th Storm FINAL HIRES.jpg

ISBN (Paperback original): 9781915643667

ISBN (E-book): 9781915643674

Pub date: 17th October 2023

Price: £9.99 (PBO) £4.99 (E-book)   
Extent: 308 pages   
Format: 129x198mm  
Rights Held: World 


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Daniel J Mooney was born and raised in Limerick City. He is a member of a writing group with a number of other writers in Limerick, Writepace, which has been going strong since 2016. Daniel’s writing is inspired by the ongoing dialogue of current events and by the many brilliant writers emerging around Ireland and the world. His debut Me, Myself and Them was published in 2017 and The Great Unexpected in 2018.

Twitter: @danielmoonbags

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