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by Anne Hamilton


When Alina’s son, Fin, traces his long-absent birthfather, it’s the catalyst for decades of secrets to implode in Alina’s neatly ordered life.

With the sudden appearance of Rory, and the ever-present pull of a very different life in Bangladesh, she’s left reeling.

Three relationships, all of them built on half-truths. All Alina can truly be sure of, is that you can choose your family, you just can’t choose who they will turn out to be.

'A gripping and brilliantly written novel from a huge new talent.' Sophie Hannah


'A lovely, compelling read about love, family, and finding yourself. I took Alina to my heart.’ Becky Hunter, author of One Moment


‘Poignant and filled with dry humour, a hugely satisfying read.’ Elissa Soave


'With its flamboyant cast of characters, vibrant dialogue, and a few unexpected twists, The Almost Truth intricately explores themes of home, family, identity, love, and loss, inviting readers to ponder the universal truths — and sometimes lies — that shape our lives.’ Jane Labous, author of Past Participle


‘Anne Hamilton handles with ease and grace this complex and compelling 'big Hindi movie' of a novel.’ Caroline Moir, author of The Brockenspectre

'A complex tale of interwoven cultures, told truthfully with humour and outright laughter, but always with Anne Hamilton's trademark sensitivity, understanding and honesty. She is such a great story teller, her characters are so clearly drawn, they live and breathe.' Paul Soye, author of The Boy in the Gap


‘Set across Edinburgh, Bangladesh and Dublin, mysteries and family secrets abound in this intriguing novel. Poignant and filled with dry humour, a hugely satisfying read.’ Elissa Soave, author of Ginger and Me


‘A jewel of a novel so rich in description it transports you into an un-put-downable story, which leaves you bereft and longing for more when you finish the last page. In a life full of books and not enough time to read them, I never read a novel twice. This one I will.' Clo Carey


'Touching, sensitive and profound. Anne Hamilton weaves a captivating tale of human dilemmas and the consequences of half-truths.' Olga Wojtas, Winner of the Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award

9781915643704_Almost Truth_High Res cover.jpg

ISBN (Paperback original): 9781915643704, RRP £8.99 ISBN (E-book): 9781915643711, RRP £4.99

Published: 8th April 2024  
Extent: 308 pages  
Format: 129x198mm  
Rights Held: World  
Translation Rights: Yes

9781915643704_Anne Hamilton_Author.jpg

Anne Hamilton co-founded a UK based charity, Bhola’s Children, supporting a home and school in Bangladesh for disabled children and remains a trustee today. She has been sharing her time between the UK and Bangladesh for the past 21 years, which inspired both her memoir and most recent novel, The Almost Truth. The unpublished manuscript for The Almost Truth was the winner of the Irish Novel Fair, and a short story adaptation of it is included in an Edinburgh Charity anthology, The People’s City, titled The Finally Tree.

Twitter: @AnneHamilton7

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