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THE DOUBLE by Ann Gosslin


Following a violent outburst at an awards ceremony, Vidor Kiraly, a prize-winning neuroscientist and Cambridge don, is sent to an isolated psychiatric clinic in the Swiss Alps. When the clinic’s director, Anton Gessen, tries in vain to unearth the missing pieces of Vidor’s life, he suspects his reluctant patient is not who he appears to be. After one of the patients at the clinic goes missing, Gessen has reason to doubt Vidor’s self-proclaimed innocence. But what is he hiding, and who might be next?

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ISBN (Paperback): 9781800319370
ISBN (Ebook): 9781800319387
Price: £8.99 (Paperback) £4.99 (Ebook)

Pub date: 16th February 2021

Extent: 288 pages
Format: 198x129mm
Rights Held: World English excl US
Translation rights: No

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Ann Gosslin was born and raised in New England in the US, and moved overseas after leaving University. Having held several full-time roles in the pharmaceutical industry, with stints as a teacher and translator in Europe, Asia, and Africa, she currently works as a freelancer and lives in Switzerland.

Ann's debut novel The Shadow Bird was published in July 2020. The Double is Ann’s second novel.


Twitter: @GosslinAnn

Instagram: @anngosslin_author

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