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THE INSTITUTE by Jakub Żulczyk


One day the residents of a tenement house, in the Central  Krakow, get locked down in the building. All windows and doors are locked, phone lines and the Internet are off. Seven people are cut off from the world.  It quickly turns out that they are participating in a strange game played by the mysterious ‘THEY’.  Mutual suspicions begin, conflicts break out. Paranoia thickens. And finally, blood is shed. What initially seems to look like some sort of a trap from a horror movie, turns out to be a lockdown organised by the secret police. 

The Institute is a compelling suspenseful thriller. It is also a very uncomfortable and troubling study of human fears.


The bestselling crime thriller adapted into hit HBO TV series

'Tough, knowing, high-octane crime fiction... Los Angeles has James Ellroy, Boston has Dennis Lehane, Oslo has Jo Nesbo. And Warsaw has its own two-fisted crime laureate in Jakub Żulczyk. Already a massive bestseller in Poland, this is brilliant stuff from a fresh new voice in crime fiction.' Tony Parsons

'Jakub Żulczyk’s Blinded by the Lights is dark, dangerous, and seductive. A multi-layered story that – like his anti-hero’s product – will assault your senses and leave you craving for more. This is post-Communist Warsaw, but it could be Moscow, New York, or London. A truly terrific piece of writing and I can’t recommend it enough.' G.D. Abson

'A striking novel, brilliantly written - for the fans of the dark and gritty!' Robert Bryndza

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ISBN (Paperback): 9781789558999
ISBN (Ebook): 9781789559002

Published: 28th June 2021
Price: £8.99 (Paperback) £4.99 (Ebook)
Extent: 448 pages
Format: 198x129mm 
Markets: World English 
Translation Rights: Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Jakub Zulczyk.jpg

Jakub Zulczyk is a rising star of the Eastern European literature scene. He is a journalist, screenwriter and author of bestselling novels: Do Me Some Harm, Radio Armageddo, Institute and Hound Hill.

He also co-scripted the hit HBO TV series Belfer.

IG: @jakubzulczyk

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