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by Eirinie Lapidaki


Three strong women. One husband who controls them. Prepare for the End of Days …

Three women controlled by one man – their charismatic husband Elijah, leader of their cult who dictates every aspect of life in the remote Scottish settlement of Halcyon. But cracks have begun to form in the community’s idyllic façade, and Elijah’s increasingly erratic behaviour begins to test the loyalty of the women who love him, especially when he reveals his intention to take a fourth wife, sixteen-year-old Mim. Deceived and isolated by the husband they share, Aoife, Ruth, and Deborah must set years of animosity aside and come together as danger mounts within their isolated community.

A powerful story of coercive control, motherhood and extraordinary women, The Wives of Halcyon asks questions about we perceive faith and family.

'A brilliant and completely addictive read' Ruth Hogan


'An extraordinary debut novel' Anne Cater 

‘An astonishing and extraordinary debut’ Charlie Carroll

‘A fascinating story’ Ilona Bannister

'A gripping page-turner which celebrates the strength and resilience of women' Carole Hailey

‘A stunningly written, powerful tale of power and control’ Jessica Ryn

‘I loved this fierce and perceptive book’ Janet Ellis

‘Masterfully crafted narrative about strength, solidarity and faith’ Ruby Sloane, @xrubyreadsx

‘An enthralling tale of female strength. One of the best books I’ve read this year’ Matina Tzoumerka, @breathing_pages

‘Uniquely compelling and profound’ Poppy Smith, @poppysreads

Halcyon cover.jpg

ISBN (Hardback):  9781915643193
ISBN (Ebook): 9781915643209

Published: 15th May 2024
Price: £18.99 (Paperback) £8.99 (Ebook) Extent: 304 pages

Format: 129x198mm  

Rights Held: UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada)

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Born in the north-east of England, Eirinie studied English Literature at St Andrews and completed her MLitt at Newcastle University. She began writing her debut novel, The Wives of Halcyon, while working as a bookseller at Waterstones, and early chapters won a Northern Writers Award from New Writing North. Eirinie is currently working on her next novel, about the wellness industry and its impact on womens bodies, inspired by her battle with the chronic condition adenomyosis. She lives in Gateshead with her husband, her daughter and her dog.

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